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Due to the current Coronovirus outbreak.

we have closed our offices to visitors and are not currently arranging viewings.

We can still be contacted by phone and email for any queries regarding ongoing sales and lets.

Aldershot: t. 01252 333003 e.

Farnham: t. 01252 715333 e.

Please bear with us during this difficult time.

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Our Connections

Our Connections

Castles are proud to be members of the Movewithus network of estate agents providing links to over 1200 agents in London and throughout the UK. Accredited agents are chosen for their performance market presence and local knowledge.

Movewithus manage over 6,000 moves every year right across the UK from Newquay to Inverness and everywhere in between. Contrast this wealth experience with the average home mover, who moves every seven years on average, and you can see why they are the trusted partner for so many home moves.

What are their credentials?

• They are there to make it easier for people to move home

• They help 6,000 people move every year, which gives them an in depth insight into what works and what makes moves work

• They have people on the ground, locally, providing them with information and experience

• They benchmark every stage of the home move both regionally and nationally so people have a sense of where they should be and what to do to stay on track

• They are developing new initiatives every day to improve our customers experience based on the feedback from hundreds of people using their service every day

Here is Movewithus guide to successful selling

• Familiarise yourself with the competition

You can learn a great deal on the saleability of your property from researching into the local market and competing properties. Familiarise yourself with other available housing to display a greater knowledge of local property when you meet with buyers. This will give them added confidence with regards to your asking price. Taking the time to look into recently sold properties will also help you to understand what it takes to achieve a sale in your required timescales.

• Fully prepare your house for market

When selling your property, it is a legal requirement to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). The EPC will provide information on the energy consumption of the house and how this can be improved.

It is advisable to instruct all parties early, including your estate agent and solicitor, so that they have commenced with the necessary paperwork before your property even goes on market. This will help to avoid any delays later in the process.

Once you have instructed your agent and purchased your EPC it is down to you to make your property attractive and enticing to home buyers. Simple techniques such as mowing the lawn or a fresh coat of paint can revitalise your property and help you achieve the best possible return.

• First impressions

First impressions are one of the most important aspects of a home purchase. The potential buyer will make the majority of their judgements within the first few seconds of seeing the property. With this in mind you should look to repair any exterior damage and even just give it a new touch of paint, so that your home is attractive and welcoming for viewers.

• Depersonalise the property

Although you should look to make the buyer feel at home in the property, it is advisable to remove your personal belongings from eyesight. The viewer walking round your house needs to be able to picture themselves living in the property, rather than see it as your home.

Tips for achieving this include -

• Remove personal pictures

• Organise rooms so they highlight their full potential

• Paint the walls a neutral colour

• Plants around your house add colour and warmth to otherwise bland rooms

Tips for selling your house

It is important to stay relaxed when showing the buyer round the home. You are the best source of knowledge for the property so try to be responsive and welcoming to questions, answering them as fully as possible.

• The best time to sell

The housing market experience significant seasonal change. Learn more about the best times to sell.

For more information or tips on selling your house contact our local property experts Castles for free advice and a helping hand.

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Ella Lavery from Castles was excellent at all stages of process from viewing to completion. Very pleased with all the support and efficiency. Thank you for all your assistance.

- Iris & Ruben

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